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Posters Mocking Biden And Fauci’s COVID Mandates Appear In DC, Liberal Zombie Immediately Rips Them Down: ‘Dangerous Propaganda’ Is ‘A Public Health Concern’



Artwork depicting Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s obsession with experimental vaccine compliance and tyranny were plastered around Washington, DC on Friday night.

Spotted in DC. pic.twitter.com/nquoF1Y3WQ

— Noam Blum (@neontaster) January 15, 2022

“Good Kids Are Compliant Kids,” a poster featuring Biden with a halo made of syringes reads.

Children wearing masks surround the dictator in the photo. One child is wearing a patch on his sweater that states, “Hug me, I am vaccinated.” Another boy is wearing a patch of Fauci’s face on his lapel.


Another poster features Biden sitting on a throne, holding a coronavirus molecule as he gloats over masked faces and the Constitution in the backdrop

“Mandate! Segregate! Subjugate!” the caption reads.


Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC over night.

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