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Project Veritas: FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency And Pharmaceutical Companies (VIDEO)



Project Veritas on Wednesday released part two of a two-part “Expose FDA” series.

FDA Executive Officer Chris Cole told an undercover Project Veritas journalist all about the agency’s close ties with the pharmaceutical companies.

“The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies. So, they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products,” Chris Cole said.

Via Project Veritas:

Project Veritas published Part Two of its series on the FDA on Wednesday night which featured FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, speaking about the inner workings of the agency including the FDA’s conflicts of interest, overspending, and why it’s hard for those within the agency to speak out on such abuses.

In the footage, Cole talks about the impact that pharmaceutical companies have on the agency including the process for approving drugs.

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