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PROJECT VERITAS: Louisiana Department Of Health Whistleblower Claims Covid Cases Inflated For Profit (VIDEO)



Project Veritas on Wednesday released video of a Louisiana Department of Health whistleblower claiming Covid cases were inflated for profit.

Jeanne Stagg, a whistleblower who worked in Inpatient Utilization Management told Project Veritas that she witnessed cases coded as Covid that should not have Covid listed as the “primary diagnosis.”

“I’ve tried to raise awareness to my leadership and even with the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Department, and it just kind of fell on deaf ears,” she told Project Veritas.

“Now, this is not specific to COVID-19. This is every single hospital admission. We’re not allowed to do medical necessity review. So, it gives the hospitals free reign to admit anything they want. Code it however they want,” said the whistleblower.

Stagg told Project Veritas that for example, a person who went in for multiple gunshot wounds was coded as Covid.

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