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Protestors Against WHO Global Pandemic Treaty Rally Outside UN Headquarters


NEW YORK—About 100 New Yorkers of varied backgrounds gathered near the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan on May 24 to protest against a global pandemic treaty being negotiated under the WHO.
“New York Freedom Rally hosted a peaceful demonstration outside the United Nations to protest the global pandemic treaty currently being proposed in Geneva, Switzerland. This treaty would grant the World Health Organization the supposed authority to dictate the health policy of any signatory, overriding all national sovereignty without any legislative or democratic due process,” Kevin Peters, an organizer of the rally, told The Epoch Times.
“As a result, we felt there was no more powerful message we could send than to recite the founding documents of our country in front of this unelected parent organization acting as a modern-day imperial monarchy. Their veil has been lifted—as billionaires flying around in private jets demanding that global populations be taxed for their carbon,  » Read full article

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