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Puerto Rico Mandates COVID-19 Booster Shots For Students Over Age 12


Students aged 12 and older are required to get a COVID-19 booster shot in Puerto Rico as the governor of the island nation announced a string of new measures on Thursday targeting public schools, the entertainment sector, and tourism. Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, a Democrat, stressed in a series of posts on social media that every eligible Puerto Rican “should get their booster as soon as possible.” Pierluisi underscored that the deadline for students to get the jab is Feb. 15, adding that these shots will be a requirement to follow face-to-face classes. “This includes college and technical degree students,” he said. “Students who for any medical or religious reason do not get the booster dose will be required to have a qualified viral test, including antigen testing, every seven days.” The expansion of the booster shot requirement also applies to those who work in hotels, cinemas, convention centers, and others …  » Read full article

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