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PURE EVIL: Jen Psaki And Biden Admin Defend Forcing Kindergarteners To Sit Outside In 40 Degree Weather Alone On Buckets To Eat Lunch


Is there any other way to describe this but government-endorsed child abuse?


A video posted was posted to Twitter earlier in the week revealing the miserable scene outside of Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The elementary school students were filmed eating lunch outside, sitting on buckets, away from friends in 40-degree temperatures, presumably as part of the school’s COVID-19 mitigation policy.

The shocking video was sent to The Post Millennial on Wednesday showing Kindergarten students at Capitol Hill Elementary School eating lunch outside one of the students’ parents at Capitol Hill Elementary School told The Post Millennial that forcing their children to eat outside was their “final straw” with Portland Public Schools.

This child abuse did not phase the Biden administration — In fact, they support this Hitlerian abuse.

White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told defended this abusive tactic on Friday during her press conference.

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