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Quebec Canada Bans Unvaxxed From Buying Groceries At Major Retailers Unless They Are Accompanied By A “Health Warden” Who Will Ensure They Only Buy Food And Medicine



Canada has gone full-tilt authoritarian over the common-cold-like Omicron.

The Canadian Province of Quebec has officially banned unvaccinated individuals over 12 years old from shopping at big box stores, including Walmart and Costco, unless they are accompanied by a “health warden” that will supervise their every move and only allow them to purchase extremely limited goods such as food or medicine.

The dystopian segregation policy went into effect yesterday and applies to any retail stores that are over 1500 square meters.

Even though the mandate explicitly excludes “grocery stores and pharmacies,” the Quebec government went ahead and included Walmart and Costco anyway after claiming that it does not consider groceries as Walmart and Costco’s “principal activity.”

The weak justification simply does not hold water, seeing as the two supermarkets are the #1 and #3 places where Canadians do the majority of their grocery shopping,

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