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Without your health, what have you got?  Take back your power!

“Let’s Respond To Corruption With Honesty, To Lies With Truth, To Self-Interest With Generous Dedication To Public Affairs” – Archbishop Vigano’s Latest Defense Of Individual Rights In Response To New World Order



Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano released another video this weekend where he again stands up against the New World Order and the insane and immoral actions taking place around the world.

Here is Archbishop Vigano’s message:

Dear Friends,

Allow me to address you as you denounce the most controversial and disturbing aspects of the experimental gene serum with great and commendable commitment. Your battle for scientific truth, coupled with increasingly coordinated action by countless scientists and doctors around the world, is opening the eyes of many people who have allowed themselves to be misled by the false promises of health authorities, by the discordant opinions of experts and by media propaganda.

I will not go into the merits of the health issue in itself, as you are much better informed than I am. Allow me to bring to your attention some reflections,

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