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Revealed: Eric Holder’s Partisan Fingerprints Were All Over Apple’s “Trust and Safety” Department During 2020 Election

Elon Musk’s noble crusade to restore free speech to the global public square has so far been everything patriots dared hope for: a declaration of war against our corrupt regime and the censorship required to sustain it. So far Elon has met and exceeded our expectations, having restored President Trump, announced a  “general amnesty for banned accounts,” and done away with the site’s old Orwellian Covid “misinformation” policy.

We predicted in a now-classic piece (which Elon read) that the Regime would respond ruthlessly to such a provocation. Real free speech is simply too dangerous to be allowed, and any effort to restore it, we said, would be met with an all-out media, bureaucratic, legal, and economic assault.

And now, it looks like the regime is trying to leverage one of its greatest weapons to nip Elon’s Twitter in the bud: the world’s largest company… Read full story

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