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Rise Against the Cabal: Can We Crush This Untouchable Empire?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked October 01, 2023


    The World Health Organization’s upcoming pandemic treaty and the International Health
    Regulation (IHR) amendments are part of a global “soft coup” to strip nations of their
    sovereignty and people of their bodily autonomy and freedom

    The WHO wants to put into law a requirement that nations must censor their citizens, so
    that only public health messages aligned with the WHO’s recommendations can be

    The IHR amendments specify that the WHO will dictate which drugs countries must use,
    and which they cannot, in the event of a pandemic — and possibly outside of pandemics
    as well

    The IHRs have been in existence since 1969, but in the current draft of the IHR
    amendments — the WHO’s recommendations — become edicts that must be followed
    rather than recommendations that nations can ignore at will

    The treaty demands the fast-tracking of vaccines, along with liability waivers for vaccine
    manufacturers. The EU, U.S. and CEPI have already proposed a plan to develop vaccines
    in 100 days

    The treaty will apply to all nations that sign on, all the time, even when there are no


In this interview board-certified internist and biological warfare epidemiologist Dr. Meryl
Nass discusses the dangers posed by the World Health Organization’s upcoming
pandemic treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments. She also
wrote about this in a recent article titled “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase
Manmade Pandemics.”

“I’ve been reading the different drafts of the amendments and the Pandemic
treaty that have been put forward,” she says. “They’re a mix of things, different
ideas put forward by the different [member] countries. And then there’s a group
within the WHO that tries to harmonize them, and also make sure that what the
WHO wants is in them.

I had nally read through, line by line, the June 2nd, most recent draft of a
pandemic treaty, and it had things that were much worse and more explicit in it
than before, and I felt compelled to start writing about it.
Then, after I’d written a short piece, I realized it was too important and I needed
to write a long piece with background and links, and try to get the message out
to a lot of people.

Because the only reason these documents and the plan — the biosecurity
agenda through the pandemic treaty and the International Health Amendments
— have gotten as far as they have is because nobody has read them. [People]
don’t understand what the plan is, and may not understand the backstory.”
Converging Agendas With Identical Goals

It’s important to realize that many different aspects of the grand plan are being put into
motion by a variety of sectors and globalist organizations at the same time, and while
they may appear independent of each other, they’re all leading us in the same direction,
toward a unified goal, namely the enslavement of mankind and the centralization of
control over the world’s population.

We have development of a new financial apparatus involving the rollout of a central
bank digital currency (CBDC), for example.

“At the same time, the U.N. also wants into the action,” Nass says. “It wants to
be able to declare global shocks and manage them. And those could be the
ones that the WHO wants to manage, which is biological warfare and
pandemics that occur in more than one country.

So, the U.N. has listed those two, but also all sorts of other potential global
shocks, like climate change, supply chain interruptions, cyber events, and even
events in outer space. And they nalize it with black swan events, which means
anything the U.N. wants to designate as a global shock can be one, and then the
U.N. will come out with its management of that event.

So, the secretary general of the U.N. is asking its members … at the annual
meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, to give it permission to create this global
emergencies platform … which will give the secretary general and the U.N.
authority to manage global shocks.

Also at that meeting, the WHO and the U.N. are coming together to try to divvy
up how things are going to go for biological warfare and pandemics that affect
more than one country. So, look for information coming out on that on
September 20.”


Why Was the Pandemic Treaty Introduced?

The WHO proposed the initial plan to grant itself the power to issue global emergency
instructions in 2021. The claim was that nations had handled the COVID pandemic so
poorly, we need a centralized organization to manage the next pandemic better.

“Of course, it was laid out in terms of equity, like the rich countries didn’t give
the poor countries enough vaccines, etc … and so many people died. What is
never said is that, in fact, almost all the countries of the world were following
the WHO’s guidance, and that is what caused this last pandemic to be so

The economic implications were all as a result of the lockdowns, the resulting
supply chain interruptions, the closure of schools, etc. So, although the WHO
wants this great power, it hasn’t said that it’s going to do anything differently.

Nobody at the level of the WHO, the U.N., or the United States public health
authorities or the president has said they did anything wrong. What they want to
do is more of the same, and I mean more, lots more,” Nass says.


WHO Wants To Be a Centralized Ruler of All

For example, they want to put into law the requirement that nations must censor their
citizens, so that only public health messages aligned with the WHO’s recommendations
can be shared. Already, YouTube has announced they will henceforth censor all health
information that does not conform to the WHO’s narrative. But that censorship is
nothing compared to what’s to come.

The amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) also specify that the
WHO will dictate which drugs countries must use, and which they cannot, in the event of
a pandemic — and possibly outside of pandemics as well. As explained by Nass:
“The pandemic treaty … is a completely new document, and each draft has been
different than the one before. In the current draft, the director general of the

WHO doesn’t even need to declare a pandemic. The pandemic treaty will be in
effect all the time.”

The IHRs have been in existence since 1969, but in the current draft of the IHR
amendments, the WHO’s recommendations become edicts that must be followed rather
than recommendations that nations can ignore at will.

In their current form, the amendments do require the director-general of the WHO to
declare a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) before he can start
giving orders, but there are no standards for what a PHEIC is. It could be anything. He
would also have the power to declare a “potential” pandemic, even with limited or no


All Vaccines Will Be Fast-Tracked and Untested

The treaty also demands the fast-tracking of vaccines, along with liability waivers for
vaccine manufacturers. According to Nass, the EU, U.S. and CEPI have already proposed
a plan to develop vaccines in 100 days and manufacture enough for everyone in the
country in another 30 days.

“It’s a completely crazy idea because you don’t have time to test the vaccines in
human beings if you’re developing them in 100 days,” Nass says. “The COVID
vaccines were developed in 326 days … That was the Pzer vaccine. And the
median testing in humans was only two months or less.

We gave the vaccines to billions of people, and we only found out later what the
side effects were. We still don’t have a totally clear view of all the side effects
and how often they occur, because our countries have hidden the data …

Today, when FDA is letting things get through right and left without good tests,
still only 29% of the vaccines presented to the FDA are given a license; 71% are
rejected. It’s hard to make a good vaccine. Many have to be thrown away before
you get to a safe and effective one.

That is, unless you have a complete waiver of liability, and then you can inject
people with anything. And there are no manufacturing standards, no safety
standard, no ecacy standard. The only ‘standard’ is that the FDA
commissioner needs to hope that the benets outweigh the risks.”


Never-Ending Pandemics Ahead

Both the treaty and the IHR amendments require nations to perform extensive
biosurveillance, year-round, and perform genomic sequencing on all pathogens
collected. Well, if we’re testing people, livestock, wild animals, farms and factories all
the time, we’ll always be able to find pathogens with pandemic potential.

So, this will give rise to a never-ending series of pandemic and “potential pandemic”
declarations. Any and all of these declarations could then result in lockdowns and new
vaccine requirements. And, importantly, these documents will supersede all domestic
laws if implemented, so not even the U.S. Constitution will be able to save us.


Door To Freedom

To prevent this nightmare, Nass has founded a new organization called Door To
Freedom (doortofreedom.org), which seeks to educate people around the world about
what the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments are, and how they will change life as we
know it, and strip us of every vestige of freedom.

Door To Freedom has created a poster to explain the impacts the pandemic treaty and
IHR amendments will have. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you
know. Also put it up on public billboards and places where communities share

“The WHO appears to be nervous about the fact that some of these bits of
information are in fact making it into the mainstream,” Nass says, “and so they
themselves have made little short videos with Tedros and other people at the
WHO denying that this is a sovereignty grab — claiming that the WHO is not
even going to be a party of the treaty, etc.

Most of their claims are lies. So, it will be confusing. But the WHO is denitely a
party to this treaty. The WHO intends — in the June 2, 2023, version, which is
called the Bureau Draft — to take management of certain aspects of pandemic


Who Will Vote on the Treaty and IHR Amendments?

The IHR amendments will only require a 50% vote of whoever is in the room at the time
of the vote, which will take place at the World Health Assembly’s annual meeting in May
2024. Countries will then have only 10 months to send a formal opt-out to the WHO if
the amendments pass. Barring an opt-out, all countries will then be required to comply
with WHO directives.

Nations that have not officially opted out will then be bound by the new terms laid out in
the amendments. The pandemic treaty will also be voted on during that meeting. It will
require two-thirds vote in favor by the members that are in the room and will go into
effect one month after 30 nations have ratified it. The amendments require an active
opt-out, while the treaty requires an active opt-in.

Any nation that has not signed the treaty will be excluded from its terms. Those who
sign the treaty must wait three years before they can get out.
“That’s important to remember, because I don’t think too many people want to
give the WHO three years of directing them how to manage public health
emergencies before they can can say no,” Nass says.

It is important to be aware that the treaty will be in force all the time. It won’t require a
pandemic to give the WHO director-general the power to surveil and censor the entire
world, 24/7. Furthermore, as currently drafted, the treaty has essentially blank pages, to
be filled in later.

New committees will form, and they will determine how the treaty provisions will be
carried out and enforced. They can add new provisions too. This is like giving a blank
check to the WHO to impose whatever it wants on the world’s people.


Action Items

While the situation seems incredibly bleak, Nass insists there are many things we can
do to prevent the WHO’s power grab, including the following:

• Call your congressman or congresswoman and urge them to sponsor H.R.79 — The
WHO Withdrawal Act, introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs, which calls for defunding and
exiting the WHO. At the time of this writing, it has 51 cosponsors, all of them
Republicans. We cannot get this bill passed without Democrats, so we need to get
them to understand what’s at stake. As noted by Nass:
“That means 51 congressmen have already been convinced about how bad
this is. We the people have to get educated and then push it out to more
members of Congress.

These provisions are so terrible, if you stand up in front of a room and say,
‘My congresswoman is voting to give away our sovereignty, to have the
WHO take away our medications, to transfer our intellectual property to
other nations,’ everyone will say ‘That person is terrible.’

So, there’s a lot of opportunity to embarrass your members of Congress if
they don’t understand what this is and vote to get out. I think that’s our best

The Sovereignty Coalition is making it easier for everyone to make their voices
heard. Its Help the House Defund the WHO page will allow you to contact all of your
elected representatives with just a few clicks. Simply fill out the required field, click
submit, and your contact information will be used to match you with your elected

• Also urge your congressman or congresswoman to sponsor H.R.1425, which
would require the pandemic treaty to be approved by the Senate. It currently has 27


• Call your senator and urge them to sponsor the Senate version of H.R.1425, which
is S.444, the No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval
Act. It currently has 47 cosponsors.

• Share Door To Freedom’s educational poster everywhere you can, and direct them
to doortofreedom.org for more information.


• Also share, share, share information about the IHR amendments and how they will
destroy national sovereignty, and increase surveillance and censorship. You can
find a quick summary here.

In 2021, the U.S. introduced several new amendments that were rejected by other
nations, so when it came to a vote in 2022, the U.S. rescinded most of them.

If we can make enough noise and get a wellspring of people to push back, saying
we will not accept these terms, many of the amendments may simply be withdrawn
before they come to a vote in 2024.

The WHO is trying to achieve this soft coup on the sly, and exposing how these
amendments will eliminate human rights and bodily autonomy, and strip our nation
of its sovereignty, will force them to take a step back, because while they are
tyrants, they don’t want to be identified as such.


We Must Stop the Funding of Our Demise

Also be sure to sign up for Door To Freedom’s newsletter so that you can take action
when WHO-related bills come up. We need to oppose all funding of the global
biosecurity agenda, and Door To Freedom will alert you when it’s time to call on your
representatives to oppose funding measures that will further the biosecurity agenda.
Other newsletters that will help you stay abreast on this issue are Children’s Health
Defense and Stand for Health Freedom.

The U.S. has already contributed money to a financial intermediary fund set up through
the WHO and the World Bank. But that fund is still many billions short of what it wants,
so the WHO is looking for member states to dramatically increase their contributions.

The U.S. also committed $5 billion over five years to the global biosecurity agenda when
it passed the National Defense Authorization Act in December 2022. So, those
contributions are now part of U.S. law, and they’re part of Biden’s proposed budget for

Another $20 billion in mandated spending by the Department of Health and Human
Services has been requested in the president’s FY 2024 budget request to Congress for
International Pandemic Preparedness. More money will also be allocated for this
purpose by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Additional funds may
also be allocated through the State Department, USAID, the Department of Agriculture
and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In all, the U.S. is already set to spend some $30 billion a year on global pandemic
preparedness, and part of that is for surveillance of our social media and the internet,
and biosurveillance for pathogens with pandemic potential.

It seems that with so much money sloshing around, a large number of vested interests
support the WHO plan. However, when we citizens reach out en masse, politicians
oftentimes are compelled to appease their constituents, especially when it comes to
turning over state and federal authority for health to unelected officials of the WHO, an
organization well-known for corruption, which unabashedly caters to its biggest donors,
particularly Bill Gates.

A recent example is offered by Nass:
“There’s a group called the Sovereignty Coalition that we are part of. They have
the ALIGN Act software and this enables people going to their website, with two
or three clicks, to send needed messages to the president, your congressman,
senators, governors, etc., and that was used.

So, when the funding bill came up a month or two ago for the State Department
— and funding for the WHO is in that bill — the Republicans had cut funding in
their markup, because … we got over 4,000 calls and emails to every member of
the committee the night before.”

So, thanks to that outreach, the State Department Foreign Operations appropriations bill
draft now has zero funding for the WHO in it. As noted by Nass:
“Now that is extraordinary. I’m sure they’re going to try to sneak it in somewhere
else, but right now the United States has defunded the WHO in the pending
legislation, which needs to be voted on, I believe by the end of October.

Stand for Health Freedom also has something like that, and Children’s Health
Defense also has ALIGN Act software. So, we can make this happen. When bills
are coming up, when important things are happening, we can get out the action
alerts and get people to take action. That’s already in place. It’s tremendously
important, and we’ll continue to do that.”


We Must Connect the Dots for People

A common question is who is responsible for this global coup? Also, who’s in charge of
it? And why are they doing it, exactly?

“The answer is, we don’t know who’s doing it,” Nass says, “but we know there are
some very evil, rich people that are [part of it]. We know that Klaus Schwab is
part of their apparatus. We know that the World Economic Forum’s Young
Global Leaders —that Schwab has raised up for the last 30 years — are a big
part of implementing these things in their countries …

They’re like a large Skull and Bones club where they work together. They come
together for meetings, and their job is to elevate each other into powerful
positions in industry and government … So, we have to make people aware of
the role of these secret societies, and how they are being used to bring in bad

People are already noticing the terrible ination in the United States, and that’s
due to the money printing. They had to do the money printing to bribe the
schools, the hospitals, the industries, the pharmaceutical makers, and the
media in particular, to push this whole pandemic narrative through and make us
do what they wanted.

Now everybody thinks we’re coming up for another pandemic soon. The FDA is
pushing out a new COVID vaccine in the middle of September. What are they
going to do to us next? Are they going to be able to print money again and dole
out $10 trillion of our grandchildren’s money?

I think people are starting to understand this money printing inationary spiral,
and how it impoverishes us for the benet of a small group. Those are bits of
information — what is needed is connecting the dots. So, in my article, I tried to
connect a lot of dots …

Everything in our lives is changing at the same time and people are so
confused. We need those who are paying close attention and know how to write
to start explaining how these things are connected. We’ve got nine months until
the WHO will vote on these two documents …

At the beginning of May, I was invited to the International COVID Summit at the
European Parliament in Brussels, and my talk was on the IHR amendments. I
prepared a 10-minute talk … but at the last minute the sponsors said, ‘Look, you
only have ve minutes because we’ve run over’ … So, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what
do I do?’ I looked at my slides; what are the main points? And I gave a ve-
minute talk. I thought it must be terrible …

Well, somebody made a three-minute, and somebody made a four-minute, and a
ve-minute little video of it and sent it around on Twitter and TikTok. Now
people have added sound and they’ve added images. The thing has garnered
millions of views. It’s extraordinary.

But it’s because I start off saying, ‘We are experiencing a soft coup. This is
what’s happening. This is what the WHO is doing.’ And it’s so short, people are
able to watch it. They see this little old lady who is speaking in a very measured
way, and they see the European Parliament insignia behind me, and they’re
saying, ‘Oh my god, maybe this is real.’

So that little thing has gotten 5 million to 10 million views and TikTokers are
now adding to it. So, I think this whole issue of the WHO trying to grab our
sovereignty is very meaningful to people. We just have to gure out the right
messages, get them out there, and we’ll win.”

Where to Learn More

Door To Freedom is unique in that it is trying to introduce these highly complex,
interlocking aspects of the global power grab in bite-sized pieces. The website has
dozens of short summary articles and videos, with longer in-depth pieces for those who
want to dive deeper. We also publish each new draft of the IHR amendments and the
treaty as they come out, and I encourage people to have a look at the actual documents.

So, to get a good grasp of what’s at stake, be sure to bookmark doortofreedom.org, and
start sifting through it. Also, share the site with others and encourage them to learn

“We’ve put up the documents so people can read them,” Nass says. “We have
about 30 two-minute reads about the documents, about what’s going on, about
all sorts of things, trying to connect the dots on transhumanism, CBDCs, child
sex education. And we have a large number of longer articles about related

So if you go to the site, it will give you an education about the massive global
changes that the globalist cabal is bringing forward right now. As we speak,
we’re in the middle of the coup. The coup isn’t next year. It’s not when these
documents get voted on. We’re in the middle of it now. The documents are part
of it.

Once we’ve completed everything on the website … we will start building a
worldwide coalition of organizations to ght all of this. That’s the next step.

Children’s Health Defense … are taking up this issue of the WHO, and there are
many other organizations I’m working with: Stand for Health Freedom,
organizations in England, in the European Union [and] South Africa …

We want to then start pushing regular messaging to the world that will be the
same everywhere. Education is the answer, because even if we beat back the
WHO, if we don’t beat back this entire agenda, the globalists will hit us with
something else, either through the U.N. or through other multilateral
organizations, or through national laws that are draconian.

[We must] make people understand what’s happened over these last few years,
where it’s coming from, what led up to it and where it’s going. And I think that’s
the best we can do. It’s really important that we retain our ethics, our morals.


We don’t want to manipulate people.

We’ve all been manipulated, we’ve been mind-controlled. The media, the
advertising, the education system have all been trying to limit the way people
think … We want you to open your minds, be able to identify propaganda when
you see it, so that you can learn to think clearly for yourself. That’s when we

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