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Satoshi’s Original Bitcoin White Paper Is Hidden In Every Copy Of Mac OS


Satoshi’s Original Bitcoin White Paper Is Hidden In Every Copy Of Mac OS

In yet another way Bitcoin is being tethered to modern day infrastructure, it was reported yesterday that the original Bitcoin whitepaper – authored by Satoshi Nakamoto and laying out the fundamentals of the world’s most well known cryptocurrency – has been included in every copy of Mac OS since 2018.

The revelation was made by blogger Andy Baio, who wrote yesterday that he had “discovered” the hidden gem while attempting to fix his printer. He then asked “over a dozen Mac-using friends to confirm” what he had found, and they did. 

He wrote that the white paper was “found in every version of macOS from Mojave (10.14.0) to the current version, Ventura (13.3), but isn’t in High Sierra (10.13) or earlier.”

He then offered up directions on how Mac users could check for themselves:

“If you’re on a Mac, open a Terminal and type the following command:

open /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/VirtualScanner.app/Contents/Resources/simpledoc.pdf”

He says that the white paper should “immediately open” for those using Mac OS 10.14 or later. 

Baio also laid out how to find the paper for those that aren’t comfortable using Terminal:

“If you’re not comfortable with Terminal, open Finder and click on Macintosh HD, then open the System→Library→Image Capture→Devices folder. Control-click on VirtualScanner.app and Show Package Contents, open the Contents→Resources folder inside, then open simpledoc.pdf.”

He fails to arrive at exactly why the document was used, though one Mac user guessed that it may help power the “Import from iPhone” feature. Baio guesses that it could have been used simply because it’s “just a convenient, lightweight multipage PDF for testing purposes” and perhaps wasn’t meant to be seen by end users.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed as an official “Easter Egg” Apple was one of the original companies to include quaint secrets and hidden gems in its operating systems throughout the years. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 04/06/2023 – 20:15

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