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“Say Goodbye To Awkward Dates”: GPT-4 Powered Smart Glasses Tell You What To Say


“Say Goodbye To Awkward Dates”: GPT-4 Powered Smart Glasses Tell You What To Say

Students at Stanford University have developed smart glasses that provide users with appropriate responses for conversations through an optics lens connected to a smartphone running OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model.

Stanford student Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang tweeted the smart glasses are called “rizzGPT — real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS) … it listens to your conversation and tells you exactly what to say next … built using GPT-4, Whisper and the Monocle AR glasses.” 

He said, “Say goodbye to awkward dates and job interviews.” 

Chiang explained the monocle-like device can “clip onto any pair of glasses + has a camera, microphone, and high-res display.” 

OpenAI’s speech recognition software, Whisper, runs in the background on the phone and allows the glasses to show proper responses to say in a matter of seconds to its wearer. 

The Stanford student provided a diagram of how the technology works. 

And these glasses would be perfect for President Biden, whose answers to questions are sometimes ‘incoherent mumbling.’ 


Tyler Durden
Thu, 04/20/2023 – 04:15

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