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Senate Republicans Strike Down Biden’s Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate In 49-44 Vote



Senate Republicans on Wednesday voted to nix Biden’s CMS healthcare worker vaccine mandate in a 49-44 vote under the Congressional Review Act.

Six Democrat Senators missed the vote on Wednesday.

The effort will die in the Democrat-controlled House and Psaki already said Biden will use his veto power.

The Hill reported:

Senate Republicans on Wednesday voted to strike down President Biden’s vaccine mandate targeting health care workers, in a rebuke of the administration.

Senators voted 49-44 approving the GOP effort to nix the rule — a vote they were able to force under the Congressional Review Act.

Though no Democratic senators voted with Republicans to nix the rule, GOP senators were able to get it through the Senate because of Democratic absences. Six Democratic senators missed the vote.

The mandate was rolled out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,

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