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Shortage Fears Spike As Some Costco And Walmart Stores Run Out Of Eggs


Shortage Fears Spike As Some Costco And Walmart Stores Run Out Of Eggs

Most Americans have watched their food expenses at grocery stores ballon in recent years. The one item that likely shocked consumers the most is the skyrocketing price of a dozen eggs.

Avian flu has decimated the US egg-laying hen population at commercial farms. Tens of millions of hens have been culled to prevent one of the worst bird flu outbreaks on record from spreading, though efforts have failed as the virus continues to decimate US egg production, sending retail prices sky-high. 

Readers have known about the dire egg situation for many quarters, but the evolving story is that people are now posting images of supermarkets across the country running out of eggs.

Costco customers are stunned by the egg shortage.  

The search trend “egg shortage” has hit a new high. 

News stories across the web featuring “egg shortage” have also surged, the highest since the last avian flu outbreak in 2015. 

In 2020, toilet paper was in short supply. Now it’s 2023, and it appears nationwide egg supplies are dwindling. 

How long until people figure out that becoming your supplier of food (i.e., farmer) and living as much as you can off the grid can save you from the pain of shortages and inflation? Perhaps, people will panic search for where to buy egg-laying hens and start their own farm — clearly, America’s food supply chain continues to fracture. 

Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/10/2023 – 19:45

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