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Single Father Put On House Arrest After School Guards Frame, Allegedly Assault Him After They Locked His 7-Year-Old Son Out Of Gym For Not Wearing Face Mask



Officials at Lowry Elementary School in Denver Colorado are so committed to sealing masks across small children’s faces the public school’s security guards entrapped, allegedly assaulted and incriminated a parent for persistently demanding his son be allowed to freely breathe and show his face in class.

On December 10, Colorado Governor Jarid Polis declared “the [Covid] emergency is over” in his state and rescinded the indoor mask mandate. Anthony Chavez and his 7-year-old-son, Chase, celebrated freedom and made clear to Lowry school administrators that the second-grader would no longer endure wearing face coverings on school premises.

“I had been patiently waiting to see a crack in the door. When Gov. Polis announced that no public health official has the right to tell anyone what to wear, I respect your choice. To me, no mayor, no city ordinance, no district school policy overrides the state’s declaration of the end of the pandemic,” Chavez told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

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