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Supreme Court Tackles Federal Vaccine Mandates; Vaccine-Injured Pilot Suffers Mid-Flight Blackout


Are federal vaccine mandates on private companies and health care workers legal? It’s now up to the Supreme Court to decide. The Honorable Robert Henneke, Executive Director and General Counsel at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, argued against mandates before the 5th Circuit Court. He tells us what to expect from SCOTUS. Next, 2021 has been a year of trials making headlines: Derek Chauvin, Kyle Rittenhouse, Kim Potter, Ghislaine Maxwell. In America Q&A, we ask if you’d want to be on the jury in a high-profile case. When it comes to vaccines and the potential for a bad reaction, some professions have special concerns. Pilot Cody Flint shares the terrifying story of a midflight blackout after getting vaccinated. He explains why pilots may be at special risk.  Finally, as we welcome in 2022, in our second America Q&A we ask: What did you learn in 2021? Key Links From Episode: Countermeasures …  » Read full article

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