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Supreme Court’s Conservative Majority Appear Poised To Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandates After First Day Of Oral Arguments


The US Supreme Court on Friday is considering a halt on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates that affect more than 80 million Americans.

The highest court of the land began hearing oral arguments on two of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The Biden regime mandated all companies with 100+ employees to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated through a loophole issued by OSHA.

Biden also mandated healthcare workers at places receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding to prove they are vaccinated.

Arguments wrapped up after 3 hours and 40 minutes on Friday afternoon.

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority appear poised to block Joe Biden’s vax mandates.

Fox News reported:

Gorsuch appears to view mandate as controlling employment of health care workers

Justice Gorsuch asked a series of questions to Fletcher about the impact of the vaccine mandates and how it can be viewed potentially as controlling the employment of healthcare workers — which is not allowed by the law.

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