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Terminated NYC Sanitation Worker Speaks Out After Losing Job Over Vaccine Mandate


NEW YORK—Tom Libretti, a sanitation worker, loves his job at the City of New York’s Sanitation Department, riding on the back of a garbage truck and tossing refuse from garbage cans into its back. Or at least he did. Libretti is one of the 1,430 employees of the City of New York who refused to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and lost his job last week. “I feel that I should have a right to say what goes into my body. I feel like that is the only true possession that you have in your lifetime,” Libretti told The Epoch Times. “I should have a decision in what I put into it and it shouldn’t impact my employment or my lifestyle in the United States of America.” The timeline of events for the Department of Sanitation is essentially the same as the one for the Department of Education: first employees were …  » Read full article

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