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The Definitive MAGA Legal Counter-Offensive: Striking Back Against the Regime’s Political Prosecution Spree

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October 4, 2023

A politicized, weaponized justice system has replaced the problem of Big Tech censorship as the top threat both to the political prospects of American patriots and to American liberty as such.

The supposedly nonpartisan DOJ is still hunting down January 6 offenders as part of what it proudly called the “most wide-ranging investigation” in department history, then slapping those convicted with decades-long sentences. When it’s not hunting down J6ers, the DOJ is imprisoning 2016 meme-makers and, of course, indicting Trump with the Ku Klux Klan Act. Now, the DOJ has an aggressive Fani Willis acting in concert with it, charging nearly twenty Trump associates not just with Georgia election “crimes” but with a far-reaching national election conspiracy. In Michigan, the AG has targeted Trump’s alternative 2020 electors for using the same legal gambit as JFK’s Hawaii electors 60 years ago.

As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, such utter violations of the letter and spirit of an impartial legal system are the stuff of which banana republics are made. The one-sided nature of such disgraceful legal attacks is almost as offensive as the attacks themselves. The Democrats and their allies bury their hated political enemies in sham criminal indictments, and the Republicans respond so far with nothing but impotent indignation. Some wiser conservatives are voicing the uncomfortable reality that the problem will only get worse unless and until such retaliation takes place–there must be a tit for tat, a real cost associated with the Democrats’ abuse of the legal system in such an existentially destructive manner.

Charlie Kirk penned an excellent piece to this effect for The Federalist shortly after Fulton County’s Fani Willis dropped the fourth criminal indictment of the year against Donald Trump. There is a rising call for a hero like Texas AG Ken Paxton, who recently fended off an attempted coup d’etat by the Bush Dynasty in Texas, to start hammering the criminal Democrats with retaliatory indictments of his own.

To be sure, Democrats control the White House and, by extension, the DOJ. But America is a union of 50 states, and 23 of them have unified Republican control. America has three thousand counties, and the overwhelming majority of them vote Republican and are thus likely to have conservative prosecutors.

So where are our criminal cases? American patriots see Donald Trump assailed from every side and wonder, “Where is our Jack Smith? Where is our Fani Willis?” Some are so desperate that they sigh and wonder if the GOP could at least have its own Alvin Bragg.

After all, if Donald Trump can be slapped with four different indictments, including one at the state level and another at the local level, why isn’t there a single non-federal indictment against Hunter Biden when there is direct photographic evidence of many of his misdeeds? If the D.A. of Westchester County, New York, is investigating Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, why does there never seem to be an investigation of the left’s many shady non-profits, from Black Lives Matter to the SPLC?

Even if they don’t know the exact details, Americans can tell there is an imbalance. Sure, there have been plenty of lawsuits against overreach by the Biden Administration. But no shady non-profits are getting scourged into bankruptcy. No Democrats are going to jail.

Well, let’s not just complain. How do we fix it?

While this is by no means an exhaustive exercise, we have taken the liberty of finding a few contenders to take action. Here’s a bonus: We’re going to give you specific names!  Read full article

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