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The New Yorker Promotes “People’s CDC” And Mask Mandates Forever


The New Yorker Promotes “People’s CDC” And Mask Mandates Forever

When the science no longer supports the establishment narrative, the science no longer matters.  This is the lesson we have learned time and time again over the course of the past few years when it comes to covid mandates and vaccine cultism.  Americans in particular have been whipped with incessant claims since 2020 that the “science is settled” when it comes to mask restrictions, lockdowns, mRNA technology, etc.  Yet, as time passes, every “conspiracy theory” asserted by the anti-mandate crowd turns out to be true.

This, however, is not stopping the covid cult (made up mostly of political leftists) from blindly marching forward as they cling to the sweet taste of ultimate power they experienced from 2020 – 2021.  They just can’t let it go.  The pandemic world is their ideal world, and they continue to reveal their addiction in a steady outcry for ongoing restrictions.  

The New Yorker has recently joined the trend for perpetual medical tyranny with an article titled ‘The Case For Wearing Masks Forever’ in which they promote the concept of a new politicized version of the CDC, called the People’s CDC, which ignores the actual science and enables the irrational fears of covid obsessives. 

The People’s CDC is made up of academics, doctors, activists, and artists who believe that the government has left them to fend for themselves against Covid-19.  They believe the CDC’s data and guidelines have been distorted by powerful forces with vested interests in keeping people at work and keeping anxieties about the pandemic down.

This is a fascinating juxtaposition of previous narratives.  Two years ago, anti-mandate movements argued the exact opposite – That data and guidelines had been distorted by powerful forces vested in keeping the public afraid and under control.  As it turns out, the anti-mandate crowd was right about everything.  The public was being lied to about the effectiveness of the masks, the effectiveness of the lockdowns and the effectiveness of the vaccines.  Establishment institutions have been forced by the wider dissemination of scientific data to admit this reality. 

And now, leftists are livid. They feel betrayed by the very government agencies that once fed their craving for fear. 

The People’s CDC admits they don’t really know what their larger goal is, only that they are seeking to provide an “alternative source of information”, one that essentially reinforces their ideological assumptions.  It should be noted that when conservatives and liberty activists tried to share scientific information that was contrary to the establishment narrative, it was these same leftists that cried for censorship and called anti-mandate groups “dangerous”.  

The difference between the two groups is stark, though.  On the conservative side, the goal was clear and concise – Stop the draconian mandates because they are politically motivated and are not based on legitimate science. The goal was to separate politics from science.   On the leftist side the broad motivation is to inject activism into science; to make science as political as possible.  This is a truly dangerous and destructive endeavor.

The group suggests that ongoing mask mandates are essential to dealing with the spread of covid.  Members even claim that opposition to masks is predominantly among white people, and that anti-masking is rooted in “white supremacy” and eugenics.  Many minorities are also anti-mask, and the fact that The New Yorker would even entertain such drivel highlights the downfall of mainstream journalism.

The People’s CDC notes that they take issue with the way that the real CDC emphasizes individual choices over collective action.  This was not the case a year ago and it really still isn’t the case today.  What they are likely more upset about is that the CDC gave up on collective enforcement because such measures failed to pass scientific scrutiny and the scrutiny of the public.

The official median Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid continues to sit at a mere 0.23%.  Meaning, on average over 99.7% of the population is not at risk of dying from the virus.  This is a number which every establishment institution seeks to avoid mentioning because it lays bare the insanity behind covid fear mongering.  

The CDC has openly admitted that masking is not very effective, noting that the cloth masks which were widely required in public establishments across the country do little or nothing to prevent the transmission of covid.  At best they acted as a placebo, at worst they represented as symbol of submission to collectivist authority.  While N95 masks are purported to be more effective, recent studies show that the N95 offers no more protection than cloth masks.

States in which masking was widely enforced did not see any significant reduction in infection rates or death rates over states that had no mask mandates.  In fact, the rates are almost identical.  

This is the kind of information The New Yorker and the People’s CDC never mention.  That’s what happens when science is tainted by activism – The quest for truth becomes an annoyance rather than the primary mission. 

What the covid debate really amounts to is a conflict between those that support individual liberty vs those that do not.  Those that think society should be group focused and think that individual choice is a threat vs those that see the group as an abstraction exploited to take away people’s freedoms.  Collectivists see the covid mandates as a vehicle to further their cause.  They don’t care if the science contradicts their aims because the point is ultimately not public health and safety, the point is to elevate the ideology of the group over the individual.  This is why anti-mandate champions often refer to people like those in the “People’s CDC” as cultists; they desire ideological alignment to the detriment of all other concerns, including reality.   

Tyler Durden
Thu, 12/29/2022 – 22:00

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