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‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ Exposes The Controlled Demolition Of Democracy: R.F. Kennedy Jr.


At the closing of the second year of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus having caused havoc in the world, “The Real Anthony Fauci” made the #1 best seller on Amazon Charts, was also the top seller toward the end of November on Wall Street Journal’s list, and still appeared on the top 5 in USA Today’s list by mid-December. The author, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is an attorney, environmental activist, and founder of Children’s Health Defense. He is also the nephew of former Democrat President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy said the book is directed to everybody who is puzzled about what has been happening in the last 20 months, in respect to what he calls a “controlled demolition of liberal democracy globally.” With over 2,000 footnotes in the book, it serves as an encyclopedia that encompasses Big Pharma’s meddling in public health and even people’s liberties. “Everything I put in …  » Read full article

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