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The Twitter Purge Continues: Musk Lays Off About 40 Data Scientists And Engineers Working On Ad Team


The Twitter Purge Continues: Musk Lays Off About 40 Data Scientists And Engineers Working On Ad Team

The massive cost (and fat) cutting at Twitter under micromanaging new CEO Elon Musk continues. 

For years Twitter had operated less like a company and more like a cult compound for leftist ideologues, with free lunches, yoga rooms, smoothie, wine and espresso bars, and minimal work buffered by pointless meetings and near zero productivity.

Those days appear to be over. The latest proof? Twitter laid off “about 40 data scientists and engineers working on the advertising team” late on Wednesday night of this week, according to The Information.

A person with direct knowledge of the matter said that the layoffs now leave the company with “few engineers” working on “machine learning for ad optimization”.

These cuts come after additional reports this week that Elon Musk would be, among other things, downsizing the company’s San Francisco headquarters from six floors to only two. 

Musk has also been systematically releasing internal communications from the company confirming that it was working with intelligence agencies to censor users. He has promised a forthcoming “Fauci Files” disclosure of more additional internal documents slated for this week. 

Back in November, we wrote about how Musk was purging thousands of Twitter employees as he sought to turn around the struggling technology company. As we noted then, alleged leaks from within the company suggested that most employees under previous management barely worked and were devout “communists” with a hatred of free speech. The leaks also claimed that Twitter employees were far more concerned with censoring conservative voices than doing their jobs. 

We noted then that Musk had fired at least 3500 primary staff members and purged at least 4500 outside contractors, many of them moderators tasked with filtering “misinformation”.  Interestingly, Twitter users have not noticed much of a difference in terms of functionality for the platform despite the mass layoffs. 

We said it then and we’ll say it again: the only difference has been the ability to speak more freely on the platform. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 01/05/2023 – 16:40

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