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The UK’s Pro-Monarchy Age Gap


The UK’s Pro-Monarchy Age Gap

58 percent of Brits surveyed by YouGov on behalf of BBC Panorama believe that the country should continue to have a royal head of state in the future.

The overall figure suggests that the monarchy is still primarily positively received in the UK today.

However, as Statista’s Martin Armstring notes, a breakdown by age group reveals a significant gap in pro-monarchy sentiment.

Infographic: The UK's Pro-Monarchy Age Gap | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

As Statista’s chart shows, 78 percent of over-65s would like to see a queen or king as head of state in the future, while only 15 percent would want to elect a head of state.

Gen Z, on the other hand, has a much weaker attachment to the royals and the 300-year history of the monarchy in the United Kingdom.

Of this cohort, only a third are in favor of retaining a royal head of state, while 38 percent would prefer to elect one. Another striking aspect is that around 30 percent did not answer the question, indicating they apparently have no interest in or opinion of the UK’s royal future, while the other age groups appear to have considered the issue more closely.

The coronation of Charles III as the 13th king of the United Kingdom since the union of Scotland and England in 1707 took place this morning.

Charles III thus officially succeeds the late Elizabeth II and from now on assumes the role of head of state in the UK and 14 Commonwealth countries.

Tyler Durden
Sat, 05/06/2023 – 12:00

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