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This Obama-Biden Advisor Suggested Surrendering US Sovereignty To A Globalist Police Force – LifeSite

Dr. John Holdren, a senior policy advisor to the Obama-Biden administration, also supported ‘de-development’ of the U.S., the creation of a different United States described as ‘USA II,’ and purposeful inflation to manipulate people into not using energy.


A senior advisor to the Obama-Biden administration responsible for crafting major federal policies suggested ceding U.S. sovereignty to globalist institutions, including a “planetary regime” and an international police force – proposals that may be relevant to the crises facing America today.

In his book Ecoscience: population, resources, environment, former Harvard University professor Dr. John Holdren, the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy from March 2009 to January 2017, also discussed forming “a system of worldwide controls” and using coercive, state-backed population control to curb the U.S. birth rate.
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