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FBI Responds to Twitter Files, Pt. 6 – Shows Their Utter Contempt for the American People and First Amendment Law

By Jim Hoft
Published December 16, 2022

Elon Musk’s Twitter Files part 6 was released on Friday.

Journalist Matt Taibbi released part 6 dubbed Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary.

The latest release from Twitter on thier private communications reveals the FBI communicated regularly with the social media giant to regulate, censor and blacklist conservative voices in America.

FBI agents communicated regularly with Twitter brass and requested accounts be taken down and removed from the public forum. The Gateway Pundit was removed in February 2021.

The FBI frequently recommended that content moderators look into specific tweets and take action against them if they violated misinformation policies. Many of these tweets were from users with very low follower counts who had engaged in satire or humor. The latest release also reveals that the FBI… Read full article

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