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Transurrection? Protestors Storm State Legislators Over Ban On Child ‘Gender Transition’ Surgery


Transurrection? Protestors Storm State Legislators Over Ban On Child ‘Gender Transition’ Surgery

Currently, at least twenty-one states in the US are in the process of passing legislation to ban “gender affirming care” within their borders while a handful of states are debating future steps. Under specific scrutiny are transition surgeries and drugs for children. In response, far-left institutions like the ACLU are seeking to intervene and trans protest organizations are raging.

States presenting legislation or debating legislation against gender reassignment for children include:  Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, Wyoming, West Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, Mississippi, Kansas, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia and South Carolina.  

It’s likely that any such legislation will fail in Democrat controlled states, but red states will probably succeed.  This has created anger among LGBT groups, many of them busing activists into state capitols to protest.  

Part of what many refer to as the “trans trenders” movement, clinics offering gender affirmation procedures have exploded, going from 1 clinic in 2007 to over 100 clinics today.  Corporate sanctioned trans propaganda has also skyrocketed in the past five years.  With kids being exposed daily to trans ideology, the number of minors identifying as trans has jumped from less than 1% to around 5% in five years.   

The notion of “gender identity” was created by researcher John Money and the Kinsey Institute in the 1960s.  It has been repackaged and rebranded in the past five-to-ten years as a “human rights” issue with trans activists declaring themselves an oppressed minority deserving of special treatment.

Part of John Money’s experiments in gender identity included the involuntary gender reassignment of a child named David Reimer, who was born a biological male but suffered irreparable damage to his genitalia as an infant.  David was treated as a girl for his entire childhood and not told of his condition. 

Despite his upbringing, Reimer rejected the female identity as a young teenager and began living as a male. He suffered severe depression throughout his life, which culminated in his suicide at thirty-eight years old.  (John Money was also later exposed for experiments involving pedophile-like behaviors).  The majority of today’s gender fluid ideology is rooted in John Money’s failed and in some cases criminal projects involving children, so, it’s not surprising that trans activists would be so insistent that gender bending surgeries and chemical therapies be legal for young kids.

To this day, gender identity remains a subjective concept, making victim group status for trans people an exercise in existentialism rather than constitutional law.   

With little to no science backing the notion of “gender” or gender fluidity other than studies into a rare mental illness called Gender Dysphoria, ethical questions are rising.  Should states sanction or enable the proliferation of a mental illness?  Should states allow the potentially permanent mutilation or chemical castration of kids who have not even fully developed their brains or emotional maturity?  Should states look the other way simply because parents want to virtue-brag about having a “trans child?”  Is there any proof that trans children even exist, or are they simply indoctrinated and brainwashed victims?  

These are the issues that governments and communities are wrestling with.  While certain globalist groups such as the Ford Foundation pour millions of dollars into the trans agenda, and the imposition of gender affirmation procedures is hyper-accelerating, there has been little time for Americans to analyze and digest what is happening.  All we are told is, if we don’t accept the trans trend at face value and if we don’t support gender procedures for kids, we are bigots.

In terms of constitutional protections, laws regarding children are not as clear cut.  The law generally recognizes that children are not competent enough to manage their own medical decisions.  By extension, the law also recognizes that some parents are abusive and should not be allowed to expose their children to certain adult situations and conditions.  

The same restrictions are at times applied to mentally ill people as well.  Not everyone has the right to do everything they want to do in the moment – Some people have to be protected from themselves and others until they are of sound mind.  In the case of children, this should be a given, but for whatever reason the political left has chosen the transitioning of kids as the hill to die on.   

Tyler Durden
Tue, 02/07/2023 – 17:20

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