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Two Years Ago The WHO Claimed COVID Mortality Was Expected To Be 3.4% – We Called BS – Today TGP Was Proven Right Again



The WHO started a global panic two years ago in March 2020 when it claimed that the mortality rate for those who contract the China coronavirus (COVID19) was 3.4%.
We called BS at the time and were widely denounced by the fake news media and online “fact-checkers.”  Based on data available at that time we said COVID’s mortality would be close to that of the flu.  Today we were proven right again.

In March of 2020, the WHO scared the whole world when it claimed that COVID19 had a mortality rate of 3.4%.  This was absolutely frightening to citizens around the world.  The WHO is a distinguished entity so they must be right.  But we didn’t buy it and today we are proven right again.

In March 2020 we disagreed with the WHO and said COVID’s mortality would be closer to that of the flu.

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