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Unvaxed NYC Teachers Live In Limbo Awaiting DOE, Court Decisions


Thousands of New York City teachers who refused to receive the mandated COVID-19 vaccination were put on unpaid leave last fall and were told by the Department of Education if they didn’t acquiesce they’d be terminated on Dec. 1, 2021. That date has come and gone with no action from the department leaving the teachers still employed, but unpaid and in the dark about their future. Nadia Lyakhnovich was a special education teacher in East Harlem and one of the teachers to be removed from the classroom. “I want to have children in the future and I just didn’t trust this vaccine,” Lyakhnovich told The Epoch Times. “I had a friend who took it and it messed up her entire menstrual cycle … She also took a booster shot recently and she didn’t get her period for months.” Other reasons why Lyakhnovich didn’t want the jab is that there are …  » Read full article

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