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UPDATE: T-Mobile For Business Will Place Unvaccinated Employees On Unpaid Leave Earlier Than The Rest Of The Company



On Friday, TGP reported on an intimidating email sent by T-mobile’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Deeanne King, She/Her/Hers based on the email.

According to the email, employees who failed to show proof of first vaccination by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. Employees who do not become fully vaccinated and obtain a Magenta Pass will be terminated by April 2. Read the rest here: EXCLUSIVE: T-Mobile Will Terminate Employees Who Do Not Become Fully Vaccinated

Now, another email was sent to TGP on what is happening within T-Mobile for Business (TFB), the business organization side of T-Mobile.

According to our source, President of TFB, Mike Katz, had sent out an email saying that he will ignore the letter from the head of T-Mobile HR, and unvaccinated employees will be placed on unpaid leave beginning on Feb 15th,

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