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US Army Discharges More Soldiers For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine


The Army has now discharged 27 soldiers for refusing an order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the service said on Thursday, confirming that another 24 soldiers were discharged in recent days. “To date, Army commanders have relieved a total of six Regular Army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued 3,275 general officer written reprimands to Regular Army Soldiers for refusing the vaccination order,” the Army also said in a release. “As the Army accesses and discharges Soldiers and continues to refine data tracking processes, the vaccination percentages will vary slightly.” Last week, the Army became the latest military branch to announce it has separated service members, confirming at the time that three soldiers were discharged for refusing the vaccine.  The Army’s deadline to get the vaccine passed more than three months ago, and on Jan. 31, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth ordered commanders to start the process of separating those who refused …  » Read full article

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