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US National Security Officials Develop Unexplained Neurological Symptoms In And Around White House – LifeSite

Investigators have found evidence that a pattern of injuries to U.S. officials come from ‘pulsed electromagnetic energy,’ but the CIA director said there is no ‘concrete evidence’ a ‘hostile actor’ is doing this in D.C.

Former high-level U.S. national security officials have gone public this week with stories of unexplained, acute-onset neurological symptoms, including on White House grounds, that experts say resemble the effects of a targeted electromagnetic weapon.

The reported experiences of the government officials, publicized for the first time on this week’s episode of 60 Minutes, show a similar pattern: suddenly and without clear explanation, and sometimes along with a loud noise, they said they began experiencing acute symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, head pain, and impaired thinking; sometimes followed by long-term neurological issues such as with memory, eyesight…  » Read full article

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