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[VIDEO] Here’s the hidden REAL reason why Fauci/FDA/CDC lied to you about HCQ & Ivermectin…

 (20h ago)

There were a lot of really silly, absurd things that went down during the COVID pandemic. Sadly, a lot of us learned rather quickly that many of our so-called esteemed experts are actually nothing more than politically biased babbling buffoons. Who can forget the laughable “restaurant Covid rule,” where you had to wear a mask when you entered and exited the building, but while seated, you could remove the mask. Huh? So, COVID germs don’t travel above restaurant booths and tables?

How polite.

None of it made any sense, but if you complained about the stupidity of it all, you were quickly chastised by the elites, because community goals matter, and trust the science, and bla bla bla, okay bigot? …

… So, why was the government so hell-bent on shutting down any talk about alternate medications to treat COVID? Most of us know it has something to do with the vaccine and Big Pharma’s money, but it actually gets even more sinister and evil than just  that…Read full article

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