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(VIDEO) New Yorkers Raise Hell Over COVID Segregation In Nike Store, Whole Foods: “This Is The Same Thing They Did In Nazi Germany, Everybody Was ‘Just Doing Their Job’ Until The Holocaust Happened”


The mainstream media and tyrannical government would have you believe that Americans are taking the COVID mandates lying down, but millions of patriots across the country are fighting back.

In New York City, those who refused to comply with the mandate to receive two doses of a Covid vaccine were fired from their jobs and are barred from entering nearly every indoor venue.

For many, standing up for freedom is worth more than their careers and navigating through financial uncertainty.

Chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” have been echoed from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge in the deep blue city for months as thousands of fed-up New Yorkers march for civil rights and demand the manufactured Covid emergency come to an end.

The grassroots organization New York Freedom Rally, has held massive rallies two and three times a week since the start of the coronavirus pandemic demanding the government rescind oppressive Covid mandates.

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