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Virginia Governor Youngkin Responds To Northern Virginia School Systems That Refuse To Get Rid Of Mask Mandates



In a surprise to no one, the radical Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax school boards in Virginia are ignoring the state’s governor’s executive order to eliminate masks in their districts.

Yesterday the new governor in Virginia signed an executive order eliminating mandatory face masks across the state like most sane states have recently done.

UPDATE: Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs 11 Executive Actions on First Day in Office Including Banning CRT, Ending Vax Mandate, Ending School Mask Mandate, etc.

Now WTOP reports:

Virginia’s freshly inaugurated governor, Glenn Youngkin, signed executive orders removing school masking requirements across the state on Saturday afternoon. Since that moment, Arlington and Alexandria school systems have joined Fairfax County Public Schools in reminding families that masking policies remain in place.

Youngkin’s list of day one executive orders put the power to decide if students should wear a mask squarely into the hands of parents across the state.

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