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Walgreens, CVS Join Growing Number Of Major Companies Cutting Paid Sick Leave For Unvaccinated Workers


CVS and Walgreens have joined a growing list of major companies in the United States who are cutting paid sick leave for unvaccinated employees who test positive for COVID-19. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) late in December updated its recommendations that people should isolate for five days after a COVID-19 infection, instead of 10, regardless of their vaccination status. The agency similarly shortened the time that close contacts of COVID-19 need to quarantine. Officials said that the updated guidance was prompted by scientific evidence suggesting that the majority of COVID-19 transmission occurs early on, within one to two days prior to the onset of symptoms and three days after symptoms emerge. Since then, a string of companies including Amazon, Delta, Ikea, Kroger, and Walmart have announced they are ending certain benefits for unvaccinated workers in an effort to get more employees to take the shots, in line with a vaccine or test mandate that is set …  » Read full article

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