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Washington State Board Discards COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Schools


The Washington State Board of Health has decided to not make COVID-19 vaccination a part of the state’s required immunizations for child care and school entry.
The decision, taken at the board’s April 13 virtual public meeting, was in accordance with the recommendation by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The board had created TAG last fall, tasking them with researching whether COVID-19 vaccines passed the scientific criteria necessary to add them to the list of mandatory vaccinations for K-12 students.
On Feb. 24, TAG members voted to not recommend COVID-19 vaccination, citing a lack of vaccine data on children and the potential negative impact arising from mandating vaccinations. Six members supported the vaccine mandate, seven members voted against it, and four were unsure. In the vote on April 13, the Board of Health made the unanimous decision to adopt TAG’s recommendation.
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