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Watch: 2023 Don Lemon Would Accuse 2013 Don Lemon Of Being A White Supremacist


Watch: 2023 Don Lemon Would Accuse 2013 Don Lemon Of Being A White Supremacist

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

In the wake of CNN’s last remaining woke host being sidelined for making a ‘sexist’ and ‘ageist’ remark about Nikki Haley, a video of Don Lemon from 2013 in which he surprisingly speaks sense has gone viral.

The video shows Lemon talking about what the black community should do to fix its problems, including stop littering, and encouraging kids to try harder in school.

The host also extols the virtues of marriage, and warns about the problem of absent fathers, asserting “just because you can have a baby doesn’t mean you should.”

Lemon even tells young black men to stop using the N word and to pull up their pants and stop walking around with their asses hanging out looking like prison bitches.

Imagine the meltdown that would occur if Lemon spoke like this today, just 10 years later:

Some pointed out how frightening it is that things changed so monumentally because of the woke mid virus:

What happened to that guy?

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Tyler Durden
Mon, 02/20/2023 – 20:00

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