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WATCH: Fed Up Virginia Mother Rips Apart School Board For ‘Segregating Children’ Based On Vaccine Status, Despite Requiring Masks


A Virginia’s mother’s incredible speech picking apart hypocrisy from the Prince William County School Board has gone viral on social media.

The mother, Merianne Jenson, ripped into the school officials for pushing “political theater” and segregating children based on their vaccine status.

“Unfortunately, politics leads us to believe there is only one solution. Masks,” Jensen said. She noted that when other schools ended their mask mandates “there were not child coffins lined up as some educators in this county suggested would be the case. In fact, things have been going pretty much as normal.”

“Kids are getting sick despite wearing masks,” Jenson continued. “We are forcing healthy children home for ‘exposure’ despite them wearing masks. And we are segregating children by vaccination status and religious exemption status despite the wearing of masks.”

SHE HAD THE RECEIPTS: Last year the Prince William County School Superintendent claimed “her hands were tied” by then-governor Northam’s mask mandate for students…

WATCH Virginia mom Merianne Jensen call out the hypocrisy pic.twitter.com/BzkyumkRbo

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) February 3,

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