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WATCH: MSM Clowns Lying About ‘Crazy’ Americans Fighting To Defeat The Mandates VS. Reality


Our government is working overtime to try to inject every citizen with experimental gene therapy that has proven to be entirely ineffective at protecting anyone from COVID-19 infection.

The leftist-run mainstream media outlets, many of which run paid advertisements for pharmaceutical corporations, is dedicated to inundating the public with the tyrannical Covid programming.

The media is now employing the ruthless campaign tactics it used to demonize Trump supporters against anyone who debates mask or Covid vaccine efficacy.

Approximately 30,000 Americans traveled from across the country to Defeat Covid mandates in Washington DC last week.

Attendees included physicians, attorneys, grassroots organizers, athletes, musicians and activists of all ages, arguably the most politically diverse crowd to ever gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

But if you turn on the TV or rely on the mainstream media for news,

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