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“We Failed” – Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Not Questioning The Government’s COVID-19 Narrative (VIDEO)



One of the leading newspapers in Denmark issued a public apology for spreading the government’s lies about COVID-19 and narratives without sufficient skepticism throughout the pandemic.

Ekstra Bladet published an article last month with the title “Vi fejlede,” which means “We failed.”

Ekstra Bladet is a Danish tabloid newspaper, published by JP/Politikens Hus in Copenhagen and was founded in 1904.

“THE CONSTANT  mental alertness has worn out tremendously on all of us. That is why we – the press – must also take stock of our own efforts. And we have failed,” Ekstra Bladet journalist Brian Weichardt wrote.

Ekstra Bladet wrote [translated]:

For ALMOST  two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronatal.

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