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What Happened To The Winter Of Severe Illness And Death? Joe Biden Delivers Orwellian New Year’s Message (VIDEO)



What happened to the winter of severe illness and death Joe Biden promised?

Biden delivered an Orwellian New Year’s message to the American people.

Joe Biden declared victory over Covid (just days after giving up on his fight to shut down the virus) and claimed America is “back to joy.”

“After losing loved ones, and jobs, and facing uncertainty, we’re persevering, we’re recovering. Back to work. Back to school. Back to joy. That’s extraordinary. That’s how we made it through this year,” Biden said in his New Year’s message.

Schools are actually closing, a record number of Americans quit the workforce last year, the economy is still faltering, inflation is crushing the poor and seniors on fixed income, the Afghanistan exit was a disaster, and COVID is still plaguing the nation.

On top of all this,

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