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White House Argues That Sudden Disappearance Of Migrants During Biden Border Visit Coincidental


White House Argues That Sudden Disappearance Of Migrants During Biden Border Visit Coincidental

As we noted during Joe Biden’s recent lighting speed tour of southern border, El Paso was an epicenter of the illegal immigration crisis up until just two weeks ago, when suddenly and magically there was a mass exodus or removal of thousands of migrants from the streets of the city. 

El Paso went from over 2500 migrants crossing the border per day to essentially zero after a quiet cleanup effort, increased border patrol and national guard as well as the building of a makeshift border wall using cargo containers and barbed wire.  

When confronted with the fact that this purging of migrants from El Paso was rather opportune for Joe Biden, allowing him to tour the border and facilities without having to deal with the presence of hordes of illegal immigrants, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre clumsily insinuated that the lack of migrants in the city at the time was purely “coincidental.”

Simultaneously, Pierre asserts that there was a cleanup and that this is a good thing. Of course, the removal of migrants from El Paso was not undertaken until the past two weeks because of optics.  It was done to ensure that no images of Joe Biden surrounded by illegal immigrants laying in garbage strewn streets see the light of day.  In other words, the cleanup was enacted to hide the extent of the migrant crisis, not fix it.

Not only that, but it proves that the White House does have the means to stop the invasion at the border using the same measures they used in El Paso, they just don’t want to.

The Biden Administration has ignored the increasingly dire state of affairs on the border ever since he took office.  His amnesty policies and attempts to shut down Title 42 have led to larger caravans of illegals each month.  With the recent tactics to obscure the situation in El Paso it would appear that Biden has no intention if changing his open border plans anytime soon.   

Tyler Durden
Thu, 01/12/2023 – 18:40

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