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White House Rejects Kremlin Statement US “Undoubtedly” Behind Drone Attack On Kremlin


White House Rejects Kremlin Statement US “Undoubtedly” Behind Drone Attack On Kremlin

The Kremlin issued a formal accusation against the United States for helping Ukraine conduct yesterday’s ‘assassination attempt’ on President Vladimir Putin via drone strike. 

“Attempts to disown this, both in Kyiv and in Washington, are, of course, absolutely ridiculous. We know very well that decisions about such actions, about such terrorist attacks, are made not in Kyiv but in Washington,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.


Two drones had been caught on film flying into the Moscow Kremlin complex, within which President Putin has several offices, and federal business is conducted. Peskov stressed that the US was “undoubtedly” behind the incident. 

According to Peskov’s full statements in Reuters:

He said the United States was “undoubtedly” behind the incident and added – again without stating evidence – that Washington often selected both the targets for Ukraine to attack, and the means to attack them.

“This is also often dictated from across the ocean … In Washington they must clearly understand that we know this,” Peskov said.

While there were no casualties from Wednesday’s drone strike against the Kremlin building, and with Russia saying it was a near-miss but that its anti-air measures deflected the strike, there does appear to be light damage – including burn marks – to a Kremlin dome. 

The White House denial of involvement was firm, quick, and brief. “White House national security spokesman John Kirby told MSNBC television the Russian claims were false, and that Washington does not encourage or enable Ukraine to strike outside its borders,” Reuters writes.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 05/04/2023 – 10:15

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