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Without your health, what have you got?  Take back your power!

World Premier – Happening Now!! The Real Anthony Fauci The Movie – based on RFK Jr.’s best selling book

The world premiere is happening now! Today you are able to witness as the curtain is pulled back on the real Anthony Fauci.

Throughout the pandemic, the truth has always been here.

Organized forces have worked diligently to suppress the truth and misrepresent data. We have seen them consistently demonstrate a real and blatant disregard for true science.

Their continual suppression of truth threatens our democracy, our health and our freedoms.

Starting today, you have the opportunity to see suppressed evidence, learn of Fauci’s disastrous COVID-19 pandemic response, understand his deep conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry and be a witness to the history of his devastating abuse, torture and medical experimentation on children and animals.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Jeff Hays Films to transform Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s bestselling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” into a compelling documentary that exposes Fauci’s past and present atrocities.

The real truth has always been here, and you can now see the film, streaming for FREE beginning today!

By registering below, you’ll have a link directly connecting you to this riveting film — straight to your inbox.

Together, we can bring light to truth by sharing these unimaginable revelations with those around us.

By sharing this link with everyone you know and encouraging them to register, you’ll be partnering with us and truth-seekers around the world — who value true medical integrity, free from the corruption and deception of captured agencies, pharmaceutical industries, mainstream media and Big Tech.


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