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Wow! New study shows ginger combats Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment


neuroprotective-effects-of-ginger(NaturalHealth365) Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative condition that impairs memory and cognitive abilities, currently affects over 6 million Americans – and causes the death of 83,000 people every year.  Unfortunately, rates of the disease are soaring, with the Alzheimer’s Association predicting that this number will climb to 13 million by the year 2050.

Conventional pharmaceutical drugs to address Alzheimer’s disease have shown disappointing results, and researchers are searching urgently for novel therapeutic agents to use against this debilitating condition.  Now, recent research has provided a ray of hope. In a review published in January 2021, the authors reported that ginger combats the oxidative stress, inflammation, and neuron cell death that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers:  Neuroprotective effects of ginger help improve memory and cognition

In a review published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in 2021, the authors used human,

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