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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Continues To Deny COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions


The reins of authority over COVID-19 vaccination mandates seem as if they are continuing to tighten from at least two major institutions in Dayton, Ohio. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which is a key player in national security and employs about 32,000 people, is continuing to deny vaccine exemptions for many military members and defense contractors. About 30 percent, or slightly more than 10,000 workers at the base, have requested exemptions but thousands have been denied according to information released by the Wright-Patt’s Community Affairs Office. The base has cited “military readiness” as the reason to deny vaccine exemption requests based on religion, freedom of choice, or otherwise. Wright State University has gone as far as to say it will provide “counseling and education” for employees who do not get fully vaccinated or can’t provide proof they were by Jan. 4, or if they’re not showing a good will effort to …  » Read full article

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